Village Motors of Bloomfield

Village Motors is a small family owned dealership located in the quaint Village of Bloomfield NY.  This dealership was founded in 1944 as Lord Brothers and  sold new AMC, International and Jeep vehicles.  These days, we are always on the lookout for clean and affordable used vehicles.  We are very selective about the items we purchase and often do not have anything available.  We would rather have nothing to sell than purchase junk at local auctions.

Many customers come looking for a low priced vehicle that is dependable.  It seems like a reasonable request but “dependable” is a prediction of the future and even the most expensive vehicles can break down.  We focus on finding the cars and trucks that have the best reputation and lower cost to maintain and repair.  Then of course, we also like to have  the many vehicles, campers, and motorcycles that are just plain fun!

Old Lord Brother billboard


Our shop was opened by the Lord family in 1944.